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Saturday 4 May and Sunday 5 May from 09.00 - 16.00

  • Starter 4. mai
  • 6 300 norske kroner
  • Vulkan 22


Eric Landon makes numerous vessel types giving a unique and comprehensive look at the unique approach and techniques he applies at the wheel to make his larger and more complicated vessels. The workshop will cover a series of more advanced larger scale vessels, including a moon jar, and focus on fine-tuning your hand and body movement to help center and manage larger amounts of clay with less effort. This workshop is not recommended for beginners. Program day 1 -Personal introductions. -The Teardrop with 3 kilos of clay. Return to the not-so-basic basics. Centering and pulling with less effort. (3 kilos of clay) Introduction to advanced shaping techniques. Demo of a large peanut shaped vase, (6 kilos of clay) Program day 2 - Morning Demo of 6 kilo bowl. - Afternoon demo Introduction to a 8 kg moon shaped vessel. The price includes lunch both days.

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  • Vulkan 22, Oslo, Norge

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